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Alexander the Great - Royalty - Grey's name Peritas

Alfonso Faustino - Actor/Model - Grey's name Miles

Annette Crosbie - UK Actress

Bart Simpson - Cartoon - Grey's name Santa's Little Helper

Billy The Kid - "The Wild West Show"

Buffalo Bill (W F Cody) -"The Wild West Show"

Bo Derek - Actress

Catherine Bell & Adam Beeson - Actress/Actor

Charlie Watts - Drummer

Charlotte Cornwell - UK Actress

Cleopatra VII - Royalty

David Boreanez - Actor - Grey's name Bertha Blue

David & Kathy (Kirkpatrick) Life - Jivamukti Yoga Schools & Life Cafe

Don Mattingly - NY Yankees

Duane Black - Actor - Grey's name Phillip

Diana - Roman Goddess - Grey's name Lelaps

Elizabeth I - Royalty

Frederick the Great - Royalty

Gale Sayers - Pro Football Player

Gary Dornhoefer - Philadelphia Flyers - Greys' names Troon, Pebbles, Miss Ellie, Medina and Goofy

George Pennachio - Entertainment Reporter - Greys' names Billy, Viv, Bronco & Desilu

Germain Greer - Author - Grey's name Magpie

General George Custer - Military - Greys names Byron & Blucher

General Von Stuben - Colonial Military - Grey's name Azure/Azor

Hamish & Andy - Aussie Comedy Duo - Grey's name Fred Basset

Henry VIII & Anne Boleyn - Royalty - Grey's name Urian (after Boleyn's brother)

James II of England - Royalty

Jane Wiedlin - Bassist - Grey's name Georie Laforge

Jeanette Walls - Author

Jef Mallett - Creator Comic Strip Frazz - Grey's name Schuyler

Jimmy Cefalo - NFL WR Miami Dolphins/Sports TV, Radio Commentator/Restauranteur - Grey's name Max

JK Rawlings - Author - Grey's name Sapphire

John Barrymore - Actor

John Tyler - 10th US President - Italian Greyhound named Le Beau joined the 1st family at the White House in 1844.

King Canute - Royalty - creator of the "Forest Laws"

King Howel of Wales - Royalty

Louis XV of France - Royalty

Prince Albert & Queen Victoria - Royalty - Grey's name EOS

Richard II - Royalty - Grey's name Mathe/Gift Of The Lord

Sir Joseph Banks - Explorer

Sir Walter Scott - Author - Greys' names Percy & Hamlet

Lasse Kukkonen - Philadelphia Flyers - Grey's name Beyond The Sun ( )

LaTroy Hawkins - Pro Baseball Player - Grey's name Magic

Laura Lippman - Author - Grey's name Dulcie

Mari Hulman George - Indianapolis Speedway Owner

Matt Groening - Creator - The Simpsons

Maxine Feldman - Singer

Nancy Gay - NFL Senior Editor - - 2 Greys

Odysseus - Greek God - Grey's name Argus

Pharaoh Amenhotep II - Royalty

Pharaoh Tutankhamen - Royalty

Queen Hatshepsut - Royalty

Roger Caras & Family - Author/Broadcaster - Greys' names Rowen, Tiger & Jane

Ron Gardenhire - Minnesota Twins Manager

Rutherford B Hayes - 19th US President - Grey's name Grim. Grim lived in the White House with President & 1st Lady Hayes. In 1881 he and the family moved to Spiegel Grove OH where Grim was joined by two of his pups. Grim was hit and killed by a train at Pease's Crossing. No photos can be found of Grim however, the following photo & caption was from 'Past Times' a children's newsletter produced by the Rutherford B. Hayes President Center.

Stan R Young - Country Western Singer

Steve Stone - Pro Baseball Player/TV Baseball Analyst - Grey's name Tex

Tea Leoni - Actress

Texas Rangers Captain - (mascot aka Walter Dootson)

Thutmose III - Royalty

Trent Reznor - Musician - Grey's name Josie

Uri Geller - UK Entertainer - Greys' names Jon Jon & Barney

Woodrow Wilson - 28th US President - Grey's name Mountain Boy. Mountain Boy was a favorite childhood pet of the young child. The sketch below, found among the President's private papers, was sketched when he was a child and can be seen in the Woodrow Wilson House in Augusta, GA. Wilson was known to doodle sketches of Mountain Boy in his school books.




Al Capone - Gangster

Babe Ruth - Pro Baseball Player

Colonel Thornton - UK Military

Don Quixote - Fictional Character in Spanish Literature

Doug Moe - NBA Coach

Earl Of Orford - UK Nobility

George Steinbrenner - Owner NY Yankees

Jack Dempsey - Pro Boxer

John Pesek - Pro Wrestler Hall Of Fame - Greys' names Just Andrew & Gangster

Kenny Turner - Pro Football Coach

King James I- Royalty

Larry Brown - NBA Coach

Major Topham - UK Military

Richard Pierce - Musician

Roger Boyer - Musician

Roger Davis - Pro Football Player

Roy Rogers - Singer/Actor

Tom Kelly - Minnesota Twins Manager

Tony Stewart - NASCAR Driver

Veronica Lake - Actress

Vinnie Jones - UK Footballer/Actor

William The Conqueror - Royalty




Bum Philips Pro Football Coach

Deion Sanders - NFL Cornerback

Jackie Gleason - Entertainer

Jayne Mansfield - Actress

John Wayne - Actor

Kenny Rogers - Singer

Lady Bird Johnson - First Lady

Leroy Butler - NFL Cornerback

Lou Pinella - Chicago Cubs Manager

Mickey Mantle - Pro Baseball Player

Paul (Bear) Bryant - Pro Football Coach

Pete Rose - Pro Baseball Player, Mngr

Tedy Bruschi - NFL Linebacker

William Shakespeare - Playwrite/Author



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